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These HOSTING TERMS OF SERVICE (thereinafter referred to as: “Terms of Service”) apply to each user visiting and/or using our Website, unless expressly stated otherwise.

By accessing and using the Campers Helping Farmers Website, you are hereby compliant and hereby agree to all conditions contained in these Terms of Service, and thus find them reasonable. Your behavior on this Website is at ALL times governed and subject to these Terms of Service, or other auxiliary documents you are given access to, and thereby acquainted with.

 All business and transactions done via Campers Helping Farmers have the appropriate consent from state authorities, and are in accordance with U.S. Law.


References in these documents to Campers Helping Farmers, “We” or “Us” mean Campers Helping Farmers, or (if different) an owner Company or another Parent or Daughter Company that is conducting the specific Sale and/or any successors and assigns there to.

References to “You”, “Your” and “User” mean the person, group or other entity utilizing Campers Helping Farmers, registering as a Host on the Service.

Unless Expressly stated differently, these Terms of Service shall be the primary document governing your contractual relationship with Campers Helping Farmers.

By visiting and using Campers Helping Farmers’ Website and/or Software, You are hereby compliant to all Provisions including the express terms and restrictive covenants these Terms of Service and Campers Helping Farmers’ other legal documents and/or notifies include, and thus find them to be reasonable. If you do not find these provisions reasonable, please stop using this Website and/or Services. Furthermore, you hereby INDEMNIFY Campers Helping Farmers, its owner Company, Subsidiaries, Offices, Partners, Employees, Management or Administrative Team, other Representatives and all future individuals or legal persons involved with Campers Helping Farmers, in respect to any losses possibly suffered in connection to the Website, Software, Content and Services. Campers Helping Farmers, being a private entity does NOT support intolerant behavior and does not promote any type of penal activity.


  1. Introductory Clauses
  2. 1.1.Introduction

    Camping Helping Farmers is a web-based service allowing for farmers and producers, which are located, seated or otherwise have business in the U.S. to offer free parking spaces to recreational vehicle passengers, which are subscribing to this Service.

    1.2.Basic Usage Guidelines

    By registering as a Host on this Service, you hereby agree to be bound by the provisions stated within these Terms of Service. Unless expressly stated otherwise, these Terms shall primarily govern the rights and obligations of the Hosts as a special type of registered users on the Service. The Contractual relationship, which may occur between Hosts and Campers, shall be governed within the Campers’ Terms of Service, without prejudice to the basic user rights and obligations stated within this agreement.

    1.3.Host Registration Procedures and Account Usage

    Hosts, for the purposes of visiting and browsing our Website may or may not have a registered account. But if the Hosts or Campers would like to view the complete listing of Hosts, they will have to be registered first. Upon registration, some personal information may be required from you. For the purposes of contracting with Campers, please see the “Contractual obligations to which Hosts enter” subsection. The personal information that may be required from you is your contact details (such as, without limitation: name, e-mail address, shipping address, country/state, telephone number) and your billing details.

    The Purpose of the Registration aims towards allowing the Host to use the Service in order to produce an offer towards an uncertain and unlimited number of potential Campers, in order to enable Campers to park their recreational vehicles for a specific amount of time. The Parking spaces are to be offered free of charge, unless expressly agreed otherwise between the Host and the Camper, and offers are to be accepted and solemnized as per the “Methods of Contracting” subsection, displayed in Section 2 of this Agreement.

    Registration of the offers via the Website is free of charge. In order to display an offer on the Service, the Hosts are to choose from several categories, namely: Wineries, Breweries, Tourist Sites, Museums, Fruit And Vegetable Farms, Organic Farms, Flowers Or Herbs Gardens, Lavender Farms and different Animal Farms.

    1.4. Warranty

    Upon registering with Campers Helping Farmers, you hereby warrant that you have the full legal capacity and proper authorizations requested by statutory provisions and the local and/or government authorities to create offers throughout this Service. The Service reserves the right, but not the responsibility of controls and checks to the information you provide via the Website. It is the responsibility of the Host check with their authorities for any state or local ordinances that may prohibit the parking of a recreation vehicle on the owner’s land.

    You shall provide true, accurate, up-to-date and non-misleading information regarding the offers you create throughout this Service, as well as your corporate or personal identity, depending on your status as a potential Host. The Service may, at sole discretion or upon reports from any users or third-parties on the Website, check the information you provide in order to prevent misleading or untrue information being displayed on the Website.

    You further warrant that you shall withhold of any defamatory or libelous practices, which may potentially incur harm or loss to any third party, regardless on whether they are active users on the Service or otherwise.

One shall withhold of any solicitation, causing or assisting to any employee, officer, director, agent, admin, commissioner, consultant or helper in: terminating, suspending, discontinuing of employment, consultancy and/or any relationship this person has with Campers Helping Farmers; becoming employed by, or work for any other person, group or entity other than Campers Helping Farmers. One shall further withhold from soliciting or causing an existing or potential Customer to cease using Campers Helping Farmers and the provided Products and Services or soliciting and causing a potential Customer to use other Products or Services competitive with Campers Helping Farmers’ Products and Services. One may NOT, in any way aid, abet or authorize any person, group or entity in any of the aforementioned actions. One shall further withhold from making any slanderous, negative or defamatory statements about Campers Helping Farmers or any of its Representatives, which may result in hurting the reputation, image or goodwill of Campers Helping Farmers or its Representatives.

  1. Contractual Obligations
  2. 2.1. Methods of Contracting

    Offers are extended by listings directly on the Website, which the Host shall publish under the following categories: Wineries, Breweries, Tourist Sites, Museums, Fruit and Vegetable Farms, Organic Farms, Flower or Herb Gardens, Lavender Farms and Animal Farms.

    The Host acknowledges that the search or display criteria are to vary due to the parameters of searching as set by the potential Campers. The Service cannot guarantee that any category is to benefit from more publicity than the other, as different demographics and seasonal demands are to vary according to the potential Campers. The Service shall not correct or re-edit the Listings to fit into a more appropriate category, but urges the Hosts to provide accurate information about the content of the offer extended towards the potential Campers.

    Acceptance of offer shall occur between a personal communication protocol that the Campers and Hosts establish. The Host shall be required to state a contact e-mail, throughout which the acceptance shall occur. Please note that the Service itself has no bargaining power or is, in any way, included within the negotiation and acceptance process, as the Service only aims to establish a line of communication between potential Campers and Hosts.

    2.2. Offer and Acceptance

    An offer is effectively made towards an uncertain amount of potential   Campers as soon as the Listing is uploaded and shared on the Website by the Host. The Hosts hereby understand that, by sharing the Listing on the Website, the content of the listing, as well as some contact information (such as: Name of Business or Resort) shall be available to the World Wide Web.

    The Hosts agree to offer a minimum of one parking space to the Campers for periods of at least 24 hours or more. The Parking space must be suitable for usage by motorized recreational vehicles, small tour vans, tiny homes or fifth wheel caravans which are self-contained.  Parking spaces on the venue must be on level ground.

    Hosts are not required to provide with any type of electrical, water or other hook ups to the designated camp/parking spaces. If such connections are lacking, the Listings shall contain this information, as well as all possible amenities the Hosts offer in the specific venue.

    Acceptance may occur in any form as the parties involved in the negotiations choose and see as fit. If the reservations are made via protocols enabling long-distance communications, it is highly recommended for the Hosts to issue and the Campers to request a letter of confirmation of the reservation. We stress that, as a facilitator of communication, we do not have any negotiation or bargaining rights when it comes to the negotiations of the terms between the Hosts and the Campers, nor have a direct hand in the execution of the mutual promises. Unless expressly agreed otherwise between the Host and Camper, section 2.3. shall apply in full.


    2.3. Reservation Criteria

    Unless the Host and Camper have expressly chosen to establish different terms of the reservation, these terms shall apply in full:

    -When the Campers arrive, they mush show their printable proof of membership to their Host.

    -The Sites are functioning farms. Therefore, it is required to use care and proper supervision of children and pets at all times. Use due diligence when letting children or pets out of your sight, and please refrain from exploring or visiting closed or restricted areas of the venue.

    -Pets may be allowed by the Host, but must be leashed, in order to prevent any damages or injuries. Farm dogs may be present and have right of way. In case a pet accompanies the Camper, please check with the Host for further instructions by taking them Out. Hosts urge the Campers to keep the hygiene of the venue, and therefore urge the Campers to clean up after the pets.

    -Maintain general hygiene of the venue, and if needed, clean and take all trash with you prior to leaving a site.

    -Ask before using your generator and use it sparingly

    -Maintain order and obtain from disturbing the Hosts or other Campers

    -Ask for permission before using gas-based BBQs, and do not use charcoal grills or light fires unless you are expressly permitted to do so within the venue or its designated area.

    -Members are required to maintain liability insurance on their vehicle and proof of such insurance must be carried in the vehicle. The Host locations have no responsibility for damage or theft to your RV, tow car or to you, your family or guests.

    -Jacks without jack-pads are strictly forbidden to use on asphalt, in order to prevent damage to property.

    2.4. Listing Classifications

    In order for Listings to provide a better outlook for the potential Campers, the Hosts have been divided into two categories, depending on the requirements of the Host(s) as preferred compensation for the stay at the specific venue:

    -The Hosts, which allow limited-time stays, and in exchange require the Camper to purchase products as compensation for the stay at the venue

    -The Hosts, which allow exchanges of services as methods of compensation. These exchanges may be in the form of volunteering or chores, within 2-4 work hours per day per Recreational Vehicle. At least 24 hours of stay may be offered to the Camper. Purchase of products from the Hosts is not excluded

    -The Hosts, which may have a flexible manner of compensations, willing to negotiate with the potential Campers by means of communication as stated above.

    2.5. Other provisions. Termination of Reservations

    Without a prior subscription to this Website, reservations by means of Campers Helping Farmers cannot occur.


    Termination of Reservation may occur within a 30 days notice time. The Host is obliged to contact the Camper(s) who/which have made a reservation on the venue in the specific time frame.

    Other than cases of emergency, you agree to be bound by the content of the Listing and the Termination notice time.


  1. Limitation of Liability
  2. The Service shall not be held liable or responsible in any way, manner or form, directly or indirectly for any commercial exchanges which have been agreed between the Host(s) and Camper(s), as the service is a facilitator in communication, and does not have any bargaining rights between any arrangements any of the parties make between them. The Hosts take full liability arising from the content of the published Listings on the Website.

     The Host must maintain at all times adequate insurance coverage in connection with the offer it makes to Campers of Campers Helping Farmers. The Host acknowledges that it is its responsibility to notify its insurers.

    The Host hereby agrees that the relationship with the Campers thereof shall be governed in accordance with these Specific Terms of Service and the Campers’ Terms of Service. These Terms and Conditions set out the Customer Service Agreement and are incorporated by reference herein, and you acknowledge that you have read and understood them.

  1. Jurisdiction
  2. If any provision of these Terms of Service is, or is to be found by an appropriate authority, unenforceable under U.S. Governing law, that will not affect the enforceability of any other provisions of these Terms of Service. These Terms are written in compliance with U.S. Governing law and international standards. The Parties agree to solve all disputes or controversies, including those arising from termination of employment in a manner other than filing court actions. Alternative dispute-resolution prevents statute barring of the rights and obligations arising from this Agreement. If these dispute-resolving methods prove unsuccessful, they are to commence court proceedings. If any provision of this Agreement is, or is to be found by an appropriate authority, unenforceable under governing law, that will not affect the enforceability of any other provisions of this Agreement. Statutory provisions will govern all aspects of General Service Agreement, which have not been regulated by the provisions of this agreement, by U.S. law.

    The parties covenant that the applicable and usable law according to which this agreement will be governed will be the law of U.S.. Subsequently to the aforementioned, U.S. Law will regulate all disputes or litigation arising from the content of this contract or its execution, accordingly.

  1. Termination of Contract

 Each party may terminate this agreement on thirty days' notice to the other party. However, Campers Helping Farmers reserves the right to terminate this agreement without delay if significant breaches of this contract are discovered or reported to it by its Campers. In such a case, Campers Helping Farmers may communicate with its customers to notify them of the withdrawal of the Host of the website, as per the Discretional rights which are reserved according to these Terms of Service.

  1. Interpretation guidelines

This agreement is not to be in favor of a weaker party, as there is not such party under this specific contract. Due to the fact that both the Service and the Users have high bargaining powers in stipulating a contract with each other, as well as several dozens of options for customizing the user experience, we believe that this agreement, even if it is a main framework for the functioning of this Service, is a collection of the basic rules and guidelines all Services of this type abide by. 

  1. Continuity

In the event that Campers Helping Farmers goes through a business transition (merger, acquisition, sale of assets etc.), your personal information and content uploaded by you will likely be among the assets transferred accordingly to the title of transfer under which the information and content are being owned or used by the Service (ex. If you, as a Creator, have licensed your submission to the Service in order to be displayed, this right will be transferred to the party included in the business transaction with Campers Helping Farmers). You will be notified via e-mail of any such change of ownership of your personal information.

Campers Helping Farmers reserves the right to discontinue any portion of the whole service with or without previous notice. Campers Helping Farmers is not to be held liable for such discontinuance. Any concluded sales will survive the discontinuance of these Terms of Service, and are to be executed on behalf of Campers Helping Farmers and the Return and Shipping policy.

Every older version of these documents is superseded with the issuing of a renewed version. In case of change of our General Terms of Service or Privacy Policy, we will notify you on this Web page, by e-mail, or by means of notice on our Home Page.

These Terms, along with all supplemental documents you have expressed your consent to, without limitation to conclusive means of acceptance, are to be regarded as a single, legally-binding contract between you and Campers Helping Farmers.

  1. Restrictions

You hereby agree that you are going to use this Website, Content and Services reasonably. You agree that you will withhold of any actions that can cause or could cause damage to Campers Helping Farmers’ Website, Software, Content and/or Services. You and every person you authorize with, using Your Account may not engage in any activity which may result in lowering the overall quality of the Website and Services offered therein. You and other people authorized to use your respective User Account will also withhold of any activity that may cause nuisance, or in any other way prevent any other Users from using the provided Content and Services. Any and every person shall further withhold of any actions which are recognized by law as unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful towards Campers Helping Farmers’ Website, Software, Services or Functionality, and shall not, in any way promote this type of illegal activity, under the penalty of civil and penal provisions of the applicable US law. Campers Helping Farmers’ Website, Content and/or Services are not to be used for distribution of Spy ware, Trojan Horses, Root kits, Keystroke Loggers or any type of Mail ware whilst utilizing Campers Helping Farmers, its Software and/or Services, under the penalty of the U.S. Governing civil and/or penal provisions. You and individuals Authorized to use Your User Account shall also withhold of any systematic or automated information and data collection activities, including data harvesting, limitation scrapping, data mining and other similar activities without the consent of the Website’s administrators under the penalty of privacy protection statutes under U.S. Governing law. Any consent issued by the Website’s administrators on data collection will be fully coherent with the U.S. Governing law and in compliance with this Website’s set of legal documents. In the event such consent is possible to issue, due to statutory provisions by U.S. Governing law, any eventual consent will be issued in paper form upon previous request, and as such will be subject to further notification of the Website’s visitors, customers and/or Users. Without the required form and previous notification of Users, any consent given by Campers Helping Farmers in regards to data collection is null and void. This Website is not to be used for marketing purposes without the Website administrators’ consent. Such consent will be issued in proper form, in full compliance with the Privacy Policy and U.S. Governing law. One shall not transfer, sublet or otherwise dispose of their respective rights and obligations. You shall further not engage in unacceptable behavior, namely: - harassment, threatening or intimidating another User, - transmitting any unlawful, threatening, abusive, offensive, defamatory or hateful text or voice communication or images and/or other material, any ethnically or racially objectionable material, or any material infringing intellectual property, privacy and/or publicity rights of any third party, - using obscene or offensive User Names or Nick Names, - posting any material with the intention to solicit other Users, - permutation of usage of inappropriate language as to the room You are hosting, - abusing Your rights to take action against individuals logged into a specific room You are hosting, - disparaging Campers Helping Farmers’ services, Campers Helping Farmers or its representatives or employees, administration and/or other staff. Campers Helping Farmers reserves the rights to: - Restrict access to certain areas of this Website, which are not meant to be available for visitors, consumers and/or Users; - Further disable access to certain areas of this Website in full discretion of the Website’s administrators, under full discretion without a previous notice or explanation; - Restrict access to other areas of this Website, in case of violation of these provisions. These restrictions are in full Campers Helping Farmers’ discretion, and can be issued without explanation or notice; - Enable access to certain areas of the Website, providing You with a User ID and Password, which are for Your PERSONAL use. It is advised to keep these credentials confidential, in case of misuse by third parties.

  1. Discretional Rights

Campers Helping Farmers reserves the right to terminate a User’s access to its Website or Software if, under appropriate circumstances, they are determined to be repeated offenders. Campers Helping Farmers further reserves the right to decide, weather User Submissions of any kind are appropriate, and if they comply with these provisions. Campers Helping Farmers reserves the right, but not the obligation to initiate personal inquiries of potential abuse and/or misbehavior personally or upon filed reports or complaints, regarding any Users’ activity. Any investigation or inquiry will be at the sole discretion of Campers Helping Farmers and it will include any steps that Campers Helping Farmers finds appropriate. Note that these steps may include disclosing User conduct to one or more entrusted parties. Sanctioned by U.S. Governing law, any misconduct and/or breach of the aforementioned usage provisions will be treated as seen fit by Campers Helping Farmers under its sole discretion.


10.1. Document as a whole

These Terms of Service reflect the policy of Campers Helping Farmers in regards to your usage of this Website. They are further intended to inform Campers Helping Farmers’ Users of the possible results of breaches of these Terms, in regards to using this Website, Software and/or Services. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or by using our Online Support Service.

10.2. Consumer Protection Clause

Unless stated otherwise in this document, the information provided by you in whilst using Campers Helping Farmers shall be used only for the purposes of contacting you regarding the Scope of service, which the Company provides, or for the purposes of eventual billing. Nothing in the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer or any associated documents you express your consent to (either expressly or conclusively) is constructed to violate consumer rights, so long the Terms set within these documents are not unilaterally breached by Users.

10.3. Headings

Headings arranged in numerical and contextual value have been used in this document. Please note that these headings are inserted for mere convenience, and the names do not have to necessarily produce legal effect.

10.4. Ascent

You hereby conclusively enter into this agreement by repeated usage of this Website. If you find any of these provisions unreasonable, please refrain from further usage of this Website.


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